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Rolls Of Off Cuts Fabrics
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  Rolls Of Off Cuts Fabrics  
why pay more when you can Buy Now?
Rolls Of Off Cuts Fabrics $8.00

Are you looking for quality fabrics at a lower price? Yes! Here at Buy Now furniture we are having a good solution for you! We have plenty varieties of off cuts fabrics from quality supplier such as Warwick, Charles Parsons or James Dunlop, but most importantly, they are at a price all you can afford. All these fabrics we purchased over $30 per metre, because we finished the job, now it is time to clear them. We LOST you GAIN. Price ranges from $8 per metre. Each roll is at approximately 1 m to 5 m in length.

Unfortunately we could not take pictures of every single rolls since there are over 1000 rolls of off cuts fabrics in stock right now.

Please visit us in store to grab your own taste of fabrics.

*The picture does not show the true colour the fabric rolls.