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Wilmot 2.5 + 2 Seater
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  Wilmot 2.5 + 2 Seater  
Beautifully handcrafted
Wilmot 2.5 + 2 Seater $1,599.00

The Wilmot 2 pieces lounge suite is proudly made in New Zealand. The latest design which is tufted with buttons and nickel strip nails which make the appearance of this lounge suite more vivid and unique. Scatter or box cushions are available at your choice.

We supply a large range of fabrics and colours for you to choose from when designing the perfect lounge suite for your home. Warwick or Charles Parsons Fabric are recommended.

See us instore to organise a package that is perfect for you! We assure quality with a 10 year manufacture warranty.

*The 2.5 seater has 10 buttons, and 2 seater has 8 buttons tufted on the back cushions.

**The price is for the whole package (2.5+2 seaters); These sofas can be purchased separately, and come in different sizes.

***Price may vary depending on fabric.

The back cushion is permanently attached to the posterior board. Detail shown below: