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Edwin Sofa Bed
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  Edwin Sofa Bed  
Modern and Stylish!
Edwin Sofa Bed $379.00

This super comfortable sofa doubles as a bed! Great quality, with soft and supportive foam, it comes with a One Year Manufacture Warranty. The vinyl is a stylish black colour and is very pleasant to touch, looks like leather without the price tag! It is very easy to use, requiring little effort to transform it from a sofa to a bed. It has 3 settings, so you can recline it at different angles. Its dimensions are as follows-

As couch: (L)1900 X (D)850 X (H)750

As bed: (L)1900 X (W)1100 X (H)350

This Sofa Bed is the ultimate solution to limited space problems. With its modern and stylish design, it will look fantastic in your home and provide you with excellent comfort.

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