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For A Two And Three Seater Lounge Suite
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  For A Two And Three Seater Lounge Suite  
Soil Guard Fabric Protector
For A Two And Three Seater Lounge Suite $199.00

Just purchasing new furniture? Worried about children and pets creating stains on your new lounge suite? Soil-Guard is the solution for you!

Soil-Guard Fabric Protector is a great product as it does not change the look and feel of your fabric, while providing great protection. It is safe and ozone friendy.

Buy Now Furniture recommends Soil-Guard Fabric Protector for all fabric lounge suites. It comes with a great 5 year stain protection warranty! It is only $199 to protect any 2+3 Seater Lounge Suite of your choice.

Soil-Guard fabric protector guards your furniture fabric from liquid and food based spills and releases dirt and soil easily. Soil-Guard forms an invisible barrier in and around the fabric fibre, preventing spills and soil from being absorbed into the fabric and possibly causing permanent staining and damage. Soil-Guard makes your furniture easy to maintain, and helps the fabric retain its new appearance for longer.

Soil-Guard Fabric protector also comes with UV Filta! UV Light WILL cause colours to fade quickly and causes early fibre degradation in your new fabric. UV filta can reduce the effects of fading allowing you to enjoy the full colour of your fabric for longer. UV Filta is a product specifically designed to reduce the effects ultra violet light will have on your fabric. It works much like sunscreen on the skin. It reduces the effect of harmful rays of the sun.