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Grey circle
Rug013 $350.00

This excellent shaggy rug has a very attractive circular design. The neutral colours will go great with almost anything! The rug has a beautifully soft feel, and is a pleasure beneath your feet and to sit on. This rug is also great for covering up stains and worn carpets. Use this rug to create a colour theme in your home, or compliment your existing decor. This attrative rug will really bring style and elegance to your room.

It is expertly handcrafted from acrylic and offers you many benefits over wool. Acrylic has the same look and feel as wool, but is alot less expensive, meaning you don't have to compromise to get a great price! Acrylic rugs and resistant to moisture, and dry fast. They are mould and mildew resistant. This rug has low static levels, and with a polyester backing, it is anti-slip. Acrylic rugs are also resistant to stains and easy to clean with your regular carpet cleaner.

This rug is 1400 x 2000mm, but we also have many other rugs in a variety of designs and sizes. Have a look!